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Jacksonville Emergency Dental 1840 Dunn Ave., #3, Jacksonville, FL 32218
Sep 05, 2021
Permanent-Full Time
Our three Jacksonville/Orange Park are offices are changing the way people receive dental care. We are convenient, affordable and prioritize our patients' needs above all else. Our mission for 2030 includes opening 5 more practices to serve even more patients with quality care in a timely manner at an accessible price point. As business-minded individuals, we host weekly meetings that focus on growth by increasing our team as well as expanding our practice locations while maintaining high standards of patient service. We meet every week to make sure the right people are in the right seats within the office. Our team works together like clockwork with each person's unique role contributing towards one shared goal: ensuring patients have fantastic experiences when they visit. Our ideal patient respects appointments, values our services, is committed to oral health care and willing to learn about dental issues along the way! We are looking for someone who will play an integral part in every patient experience making us the best place in town. EFDA’s are preferred but attitude is everything and we will train the right person for this critical position. At Megalodon Dental Practice Group we believe in delivering an alternative to patients, who are tired of the current broken dental care system. Because of this, we pride ourselves on upholding these values in everything we do: Driven Reliable Team Players Open to Learning Not Dramatic Good Work Ethic We all share these core values and the next team member we bring on will too! A Day in the Life a Dental Assistant On any given day at Megalodon Dental Practice Group you can expect to encounter the following:  Arriving 30 minutes before start time to be ready to go at 8:00 am  Working with a driven group of 5 other dental team members Caring for patients who just want an honest opinion and quality dental care Working in an office that knows how to move quickly but still provide excellent patient experiences Treating every patient like a family member Seeing between 15-20 patients each day Assisting through procedures in all areas of the clinical space, i.e. room setup/breakdown, four hand dentistry, sterilization, etc. Contributing to supply and inventory management Using all equipment with care and ownership Improving daily essential tasks such as taking quality x-rays, suctioning, and patient care Complimenting the hygienist in all aspects of preventative and periodontal procedures  Completing opening and closing duties as a team This role is for you if… You love working in a fun but professional environment  You enjoy volunteering to give back to the community You thrive when you are challenged to learn something new You enjoy clear expectations and communication  You love working with emergency patients but also want to continue the relationship after you have solved their emergency issue You can’t live without reliable team players You absolutely love to learn and laugh You want to learn and train to improve your assisting skills on a daily basis  You understand the importance of treating others like you want to be treated  Your attention to detail is exceptional and you prefer order and organization  You are a self-starter and take initiative everyday You are driven by results, accountability, solutions, and impact This role is not for you if... You prefer working solo as opposed to on a team You are uncomfortable being in close proximity with a wide variety of people daily  Change makes you uncomfortable and you often resist it You treat this position as a job and not a career You often have trouble being counted on You are afraid to try new things or make a mistake You don’t like to read You are intimidated by technology You like gossip You have no sense of humor You like to do the bare mininimum or be told where to go all day What Winning Looks Like: We support you in winning by reviewing metrics related to sterilization protocols, treatment case acceptance, new patient conversions, patient reviews, and meeting provider production goals weekly and providing online module training support and hands on training to set you up to succeed! Staying on time throughout the workday You have what the Doctor needs throughout the procedure without having to stop Your dental skills have expanded to take on more accelerated tasks and procedures You are making bonuses based on patient referrals and reviews Deal Breakers (If these don’t fly, don’t apply…and please don’t lie) You must be a 100% core value fit No eye-rollers No cold fish Mandatory participation at our annual free dental day “Smile for Miles” You better love to laugh because we are funny! What’s Next? Still want to join our team? Great! If you enjoy working with driven team members and are looking to make a difference in the community, apply today! We take culture very seriously, and because of that, when it’s right, it’s right. If after reading the full job description you are thinking, “this sounds PERFECT for me," then we want to get to know you. When you join the team here at Megalodon Dental Practice Group you can expect every day to be a fun adventure that you get to experience with a driven group of really cool people. We strive to learn and grow and hope you will too. To apply for this position forward your resume to HireforSmiles@gmail.com If we think you’re a great fit we will reach out to you within 1-2 days to have an initial phone interview for 5-15 minutes.